Case Study: Revitalizing – Modernizing an Established Fishing Charter Website for Increased Bookings and Visibility

by Apr 19, 2024Case Studies

Overview, a popular charter fishing business based in Southwest Florida, operated with a 25-year-old website that lacked modern functionality and design. Recognizing the need to compete in a digital age, the company decided to revamp it’s website to meet current web standards, enhance search engine visibility, and ultimately increase bookings.


  1. Increase Bookings: Drive more online bookings through an enhanced, user-friendly website.
  2. Improve Search Engine Rankings: Leverage on-page SEO to improve search engine visibility and attract more organic traffic.
  3. Strengthen Online Presence: Establish a stronger digital footprint through continuous content creation and an optimized Google Business Profile.


  • Outdated Technology: The website’s outdated technology hindered user experience and failed to perform well on modern devices.
  • Poor SEO Performance: The old site had minimal SEO, resulting in poor organic search rankings.
  • Lack of Content Strategy: There was no active content strategy to engage potential customers or to signal relevancy to search engines.

Strategy and Implementation

1. Website Redesign and Standard Compliance

  • Responsive Design: Implemented a new design using HTML5 and CSS3, ensuring that the website is responsive across all devices.
  • User Experience (UX): Enhanced navigation and interface design to create a seamless booking experience for users.

2. On-Page SEO Optimization

  • Keyword Research: Conducted thorough keyword research to identify relevant terms that potential customers are searching for in the Southwest Florida area.
  • Content Optimization: Optimized all web pages with targeted keywords, including title tags, meta descriptions, and headers.
  • Image SEO: Ensured all images were optimized for speed and accessibility, including proper alt tags for better indexing.

3. Content Development and Marketing

  • Blog Strategy: Developed a continual blog post strategy to provide valuable content related to charter fishing in Florida, which helps in attracting and engaging users, as well as enhancing SEO efforts.
  • Social Media Integration: Linked the website to actively managed social media profiles to increase engagement and direct traffic to the website.

4. Google Business Profile Optimization

  • Profile Creation and Optimization: Set up and optimized the Google Business Profile to improve local search visibility and provide quick access to business details like location, contact info, and operating hours.
  • Customer Reviews: Encouraged satisfied customers to leave positive reviews, enhancing the business’s reputation and search engine performance.


Six months after launching the new website and implementing the strategic changes, experienced significant improvements:

  • Booking Increase: Online bookings increased by 40% compared to the same period last year.
  • Enhanced Search Engine Visibility: The website achieved top page rankings for several targeted keywords, leading to a 60% increase in organic traffic.
  • Engagement Uplift: With regular blog updates and improved content, the average session duration increased by 50%, and bounce rates decreased.

Lessons Learned

  1. Importance of Modern Web Standards: Updating the website to comply with modern standards drastically improved usability and search engine rankings.
  2. Value of Content Marketing: Regular, quality content is crucial for SEO and engaging potential customers.
  3. SEO Requires Continuous Effort: On-page SEO needs ongoing attention and adjustments to maintain and improve search engine rankings.


The comprehensive upgrade of significantly transformed the business’s online presence. By adopting the latest web standards, implementing a solid SEO strategy, and engaging in continuous content creation, the charter service not only improved its digital footprint but also saw a substantial increase in bookings and customer engagement. Future plans include expanding the content strategy, exploring video content for engagement, and enhancing social media marketing to target a broader audience.