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Guru Internet Services takes your right to privacy seriously. We want you to feel comfortable using this website and our services. This privacy policy deals with personally-identifiable information (referred to as “data” below) that may be collected by this site. This policy does not apply to other entities that are not owned or controlled by Guru Internet Services, nor does it apply to persons that are not employees or agents of Guru Internet Services, or that are not under the control of Guru Internet Services.

Collection of Data

Registration for an account on this site requires only a valid e-mail address and a user name that has not been chosen already. You are not required to provide any other information if you do not want to. Please be aware that the user name you choose, the e-mail address you provide and any other information you enter may render you personally identifiable, and may possibly be displayed on this website intentionally (depending on choices you make during the registration process, or depending on the way in which the site is configured) or unintentionally (subsequent to a successful act of intrusion by a third party). As on many websites, Guru Internet Services may also automatically receive general information that is contained in server log files such as your IP address, cookie information and other forms of data. Information about how advertising may be served on this site (if it is indeed Guru Internet Services’ policy to display advertising) is set forth below.

Use of Data

Data may be used to customize and improve your user experience on this site. Efforts will be made to prevent your data being made available to third parties unless (i) provided for otherwise in this Privacy Policy; (ii) your consent is obtained, such as when you choose to opt-in or opt-out for the sharing of data; (iii) a service provided on our site requires interaction with a third party or is provided by a third party, such as an application service provider; (iv) pursuant to legal action or law enforcement; (v) it is found that your use of this site violates Guru Internet Services’ policies, terms and conditions, or other usage guidelines, or if it is deemed reasonably necessary by Guru Internet Services to protect our legal rights and/or property; or (vi) this site is purchased by a third party, in which case that third party will be able to use the data in the same manner as set forth in this policy. In the event you choose to use links displayed on this website to visit other websites, you are advised to read the privacy policies published on those sites.


Like many websites, this website sets and uses cookies to enhance your user experience — to remember your personal settings, for instance. Advertisements may be displayed on this website and, if so, may set and access cookies on your computer; such cookies are subject to the privacy policy of the parties providing the advertisement. However, the parties providing the advertising do not have access to this site’s cookies. These parties usually use non-personally-identifiable or anonymous codes to obtain information about your visits to this site.


Guru Internet Services may not allow persons who are aged thirteen or younger to become members of this site. For more information, please feel free to contact us.

Editing or Deleting Your Account Information

You are provided with the ability to edit the information stored for your account. You can request that your user account be deleted; to do so, please submit a support ticket. Content or other data that you may have provided, and that is not stored within your user account, such as articles published, may continue to remain on the site at Guru Internet Services’ discretion, even after your user account is deleted. Please see the site’s Terms and Conditions for more information.

Changes to this Privacy Policy

Changes may be made to this policy from time to time. You could be notified of substantial changes to this policy by either the posting of a prominent announcement on the website and/or by a mail message sent to the e-mail address you have provided. Minor changes to this policy may not be publicized. It is the customer’s responsibility to check this page for changes.


While this privacy policy states standards for maintenance of data, and while efforts will be made to meet the said standards, Guru Internet Services is not in a position to guarantee compliance with these standards. There may be factors beyond Guru Internet Services’ control that may result in disclosure of data. Consequently, Guru Internet Services offers no warranties or representations as regards maintenance or non-disclosure of data.

Contact Information

If you have any questions about this policy or about this website, please feel free to contact us or submit a support ticket.


Last Updated: January 12, 2024